Creative Something (?)


Tanner Christensen shares his, I believe, whole details about creativeness through his blog site, innovative which voluntarily give its guests various details about almost his daily learning in understanding creativeness. in some way, he shares a lot of useful details to make us comprehend something innovative, product by product, like once he released about his youth experience which progressively he found that Creativity is very much like a cupboard finish of Lego stops, where each avoid represents some experience or some concept that you have collected in your way of life that create your innovative recognition rock by rock.

This blog site is seem like his journey in learning this subject and its close relatives. his attention and stability in learning and talking about creativeness confirmed by his stability in posting its appropriate details every week. independently, I do respect him because of his goodness to others and his dedication. actually at first I disappointed about his blog site overall look that, from my viewpoint, does not quite showing about something provides me that its about innovative blog site. for me, I was not sure that this blog site is a outstanding and an encouraging one. but then, after I scrolled down and research some of his material, I observed that I think the objective he does not decorate or design his blog site into something eye-catchy and exclusive is to make its guests appreciate their formal learning about his material and not disrupted or redirected by the surrounding’s design. One aspect exclusive that I found from his journey through this blog site from one of his posting is about Growth is as much about the process as it is the end product.


When you create something from your creativity, it is essential that you do appreciate during the growth is the procedure. whether after the product is developed and progressively broken by others, you would still have your own satisfaction about it. So, are you creating for the end product, or for the enjoyment of the process?


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