Enhance Children’s Creativity!


After seeing the website http://creativeoverflow.net/how-to-enhance-creativity-in-school-children/ I catch that every teacher in an institution must have the instinct to think creatively. “Being creative is about finding innovative ways to solve problems, generate new ideas and find ways to make things better” so that I can quote from the website. IQ is creative talents of each individual, but in my opinion it can be trained from an early age in order to develop thinking “out of the box” from an early age.

According to the website, there are three types of games that will enhance creativity, namely:
1. Word Games
One example is scrabbles game Word Games, this game is a game that connects words.

2. Visual Thinking Games
This game develop imagination to think more broadly.


3. Drawing Games
Drawing is one way to remove a brain imagination with pictures.



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