This time I was asked to make a review of an event in Bandung, so this time I will do a review of a theatrical performance held by a team of college kid who is now echoed their name up out Bandung, Teater EPIK.

Teater EPIK is the result of my senior SBM initiatives that dare to appear, express, and move differently from the prevalence. The initiator of this activity was not an ordinary person, let’s say Sutansyah Marahakim and Tri Adi Pasha, both of which are students who have the intellectual role models and achievement that can not be doubted. And this time, they come back with the courage to try to give a new color on the performing arts horizon in Bandung, which involves the students across the university of ITB, UNPAR, ITENAS, UNISBA, UNPAD, UPI, IT Telkom, also cross-school students of SMAN 1, SMAN 15 and SMAN 19 Bandung.

For the second time, I believed to part of the teather and become a trancidental character in this EPIK show. If in previous Teater EPIKMendiang Republik – I became a granny figure who expressed condolences to how to be Negara Indonesia, I am now the cast of Balu, a friend of Taraksa also the guardian of seventh sky.


The main themes that carried this time is a fantasy, which-in addition to the theater this time packed in her musical-theater also seeks to maximize the artistic appearance trim.Story presented in this performance is the fifth theater Taraksa, a man from the tribe of Ahimsa, which he basically fell in love with a woman named Chiandra who asked her to dance in a tribal celebration. Unfortunately, the dance with Chiandra he refused, and shortly thereafter, Chiandra be freewill offering for the kingdom Months tribes worshiped them. Taraksa that regret was finally going to pursue his love. During his trip, he had to go through the layers of heaven and encounters events that should he traveled in order to meet the idol of the heart. Unfortunately, when they finally meet, can not Chiandra brought back to their home world.

A crazy and unbelievable experience that I experienced during the making of this Taraksa Theatre. Hopefully the Epic Theatre staging predicted 6th titled “Kisah 4 Musim” I still had the opportunity to be one of the key figures in it.



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